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A little MIA

2011-02-04 18:42:53 by Sonnyd22

Whats happening? Ima be a lil indisposed for a lil bit but hopefully not too long and I can add more drawings. Peace!!!!!!

Constructive Criticsm

2011-01-18 21:03:49 by Sonnyd22

Yo yo yo whats up my ninjas lol? I would appreciate if you all were to comment on some pics and point out some things I could work better on(I already know its not perfect) but don't be jackasses about it. Nobody likes people talking shit about their artwork so show me some respect and I'll do the same thanks. Peace

Fresh New Start

2011-01-01 15:08:57 by Sonnyd22

Whats up y'all. Happy New Year to everyone. Time for me to start working on my art and gaining some friends along the way.

The beginning

2010-12-19 23:15:40 by Sonnyd22

What's happening ppl? I've actually been a fan of newgrounds for a long minute now and I got to thinking,"why don't I have an account on here?" Well now I do and I hope to do great things on here and meet great ppl.